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Police force is a criminal haven

WE HAVE known for a long time that the police service has been infiltrated by crooks and criminals. What we don’t know is how many police officers are criminals themselves.

We thought, like any profession, you would find some, probably a minority, who were not fit to wear the police uniform. But Police Minister Bheki Cele has surprised us.

In answer to a question in Parliament, the minister told the house that as many as 5 489 police officers have been charged with more than 80 crimes.

While 5 489 is a large number, the number of crimes (80) seems inappropriate. If we divide 5 489 by 80, we get 68. Could 68 police officers be involved in each of the crimes?

It doesn’t make sense.

Cele says that the number of crimes by police officers is more than 80 but it should have been much higher.

While we should not quibble about the numbers, what is important is that a large number of police officers are not only involved in criminal activities but they also collude with criminal gangs.

We must not forget that there are many dedicated men and women in blue who often risk their lives in their line of duty.

As the police minister, Cele must shoulder the responsibility of the police force becoming a criminal haven. Rather than moving around like a socialite, posing for the cameras with his top hat, he should attend to matters plaguing the police service. New recruits should be thoroughly vetted.

Our crime statistics are startling. Around 70 people are murdered every day in South Africa, whereas in a country like Britain, the homicide rate for the entire year is just 700. The disparity is alarming.

Our country is not at war, yet more die in our country than in war-torn countries.

Why? We do not take crime seriously and do not have an effective crime-fighting unit.

If such a large number of police officers are criminals themselves, what hope is there of bringing our high crime rate down?



For some men and women, cheating is as instinctive as breathing.

They do not believe in outright purchase but rather short-term rentals.

Many women steal the thunder with ease, especially the ones gifted with natural physiological assets.

These affairs leave nothing but destruction in their wake. The shame and distrust will scar lives forever. It is so prevalent in the Indian community in South Africa. And be warned that in the biblical book of Romans, it is proclaimed that God will judge the secrets of man and no man will escape judgement.







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