Post - 2021-07-21


Hard work goes down the drain



“THEY wiped out my shop,” said Ali Raza, the owner of ARB Salon in Loopwest Crescent, Newlands West. “They stole hair and beauty products, basins, hairdryers, straighteners, towels, and many other items and equipment. They basically wiped my shop out. “I have had this salon for 10 years. When I saw the condition of it after the looting last Monday, I felt angry. The place looked disastrous. Everything was upside down. They even broke into the safe and stole cash. Anything that was not valuable to them was thrown everywhere. The damages are about R150 000.” A superette and Alli’s Meat Xpress were also looted in Newlands West Centre, and Nu-West Pharmacy was looted and burnt. Shiona Rabikrisson, a resident from Newlands West, is now unemployed. “I used to run a tuckshop in Springfield with my mother but it was looted on Monday. My mother invested all her savings into the business, which we started five months ago. They stole a generator, a gas stove, freezer, two gas cylinders and stock.” She said her parents were pensioners and her brother, 35, was studying for matric at a private college. “The tuckshop was our only source of income. I am currently studying to become a teacher, and some of the money was used for my fees. I wanted to better my life but now, I just don’t know. “We are facing a pandemic and it is difficult to secure jobs. This tuckshop offered us hope. Our hard work has gone down the drain.”



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