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Fake voice note creates panic



COMMUNITIES surrounding Montford, in Chatsworth, were panic-stricken last week Tuesday – after a voice note saying that the area was under attack was circulated. On the voice note, a woman alleged the community was targeted by protesters and that homes were being petrol-bombed. “Please help us. Send someone,” she said. Claudine Naidoo, a resident in Montford, said: “I feared for our safety because the voice note said people were being attacked. I gathered all my documents and told my parents to do the same. “When I looked outside, I could see smoke in the distance and I really believed a house was on fire. “My brother called and said he would escort my parents and I out of the area but, thankfully, as I went outside, my neighbour told me the voice note was false.” Another resident, Sheldon Pillay, said: "I was with a few friends on the road when one of them got the voice note. We were all worried. I ran to my home to ensure my family was safe, but I was later told it was false news," said Pillay. In a statement sent to the POST, the Montford Crime Watch group said the incident resulted in mass panic. "Unfortunately, we don't know who recorded or shared the voice note. There was activity in the area, but the crime watch group and residents had everything under control. “Once that voice note went around, other areas started calling us because they wanted to assist us. It created mass panic, and precious resources, like fuel, were used up,” said the crime watch group. It also cautioned the public not to make the mistake of sharing fake news. “Please verify things before posting it because that same message can lead to a lot of trouble,” added the crime watch group. For those who would like to join the Montford Crime Watch, they can call or WhatsApp Deon on 083 319 9500, Kugan on 064 522 2398, or Terrance on 072 119 0583



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