Post - 2021-07-21


Soldiers of Port Shepstone



THE night stretches on And calls and cries pierce the air. Darkness looms as does danger. The boom of explosions ring in the depths of our subconscious. But the soldiers journey on. We quiver and ponder the volatility. We shiver and wander because of instability. Our minds collapse into a deep seemingless chasm. But the soldiers journey on. We beckon for resolve and salvation. And weep in the lap of helplessness. Our triumph lies in prayer, we know, Yet we feel hopeless in the moment. But the soldiers journey on. Our reserves are in reality, our heroes Our true resolve, our pandemic saviours Soldiers of Port Shepstone, You have dedicated your souls to conquer and claim your birthright, Your right to desire a life with freedom, Your right to groom a life of quality, Your right to live. I salute you oh soldiers, our strength. You are our true Madibas, The keepers of our land, The wholesomeness in our hearts. Your sweat, blood and tears touched us. We heard you in our anguish. We cried with you, we prayed. We sent our grandiose energy your way For we well knew all the time we rested, Respected heroes, our soldiers, you journeyed on … We salute you soldiers.



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