Post - 2021-07-21


Editors call for calm after looting frenzy


Kiki Ntuli and Aakash Bramdeo

WE, THE editors of Isolezwe and POST, condemn the recent looting and bloodshed in several parts of our province and country. What is of particular concern is the rising racial tension in our province. We acknowledge the pain and anger that is being felt by so many. Lives and livelihoods have been lost. While condemning the violence, it is important to note that the looting and killings were perpetrated by a small group of people. Most South Africans were not involved in the acts of violence. There is, therefore, no need to condemn an entire community for the actions of a few. President Cyril Ramaphosa made it clear that the recent events were part of a “deliberate, co-ordinated and wellplanned attack on our democracy”. There was a deliberate attempt made to stoke racial tension and violence through social media, fake news and misinformation. We must not let those who want to undermine our hard-fought freedom divide us. Let us remember that, for decades, our communities have lived side by side. There were instances in the past when tension was heightened but, for most of the time, we have lived in peace and harmony. We have worked together. We have mourned together and celebrated together. We are one nation, all equal before the law. There is no reason why we can’t find one another again. We call upon the law-enforcement agencies of our country to speedily investigate and prosecute all those who broke the law. We call for peace and calm in our communities. It is time everyone stepped back and reflected on the events of the last week. Let us remember that now, more than ever before, we need one another. We need to rebuild, not just for ourselves but for our children.



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